Vineyard shoot.
The vine gets seeded.

The vine shoot is a small vine seedling. Its name derives from the fact that the vine branch planted emitt “barbs”, the roots, after being buried in a “forcing” box containing soil and sand.
The cuttings are planted in February. This process follows very specific rules, necessary to keep the plant alive. First of all, the roots must be aligned with the rootstock and must not open like an umbrella since they must reach deep in order not to suffer from drought. The cuttings must be inserted into the ground almost for the entire length and only the upper part must emerge. From it the crown of the vine will develop. A small well must be created around the plant to collect water.
Why do we plant vine shoots? To facilitate and shorten production times. This practice is also useful in avoiding the attack of a parasite, the Filossera, which by attaching itself to the root system of the plant, causes serious damage and causes its death in 4-5 years.